Simple Sam USA - Just go. Be free.

We recently connected with the great team at Simple Sam USA and were blown away by their passion for cycling and for helping those in need. Not only do they live by the motto of, “simplicity, style, speed… while changing lives,” Simple Sam USA is dedicated to getting people all around the world mobilized. 

Simple Sam USA “cares more about people than profit,” which is why for every four bikes they sell in the U.S. they give one purpose built bike away through World Bicycle Relief to people in Africa.

Their fixed gear or single-speed bicycles (flip-flop hubs come standard) are designed in South Africa and are built for simplicity, style, speed. Their frame’s geometry is designed with one thing in mind, getting back to basics.

Simple Sam USA just launched their own Kickstarter campaign to help get more bikes into production so they can mobilize the world.

Head over to their Kickstarter be sure to back them because this is an incredible cause!

HUMMINGBIRD: The World's Lightest Folding Bike

The Hummingbird Bike Company, supported by UNIT9 PRESENTS, is proud to announce the launch of its Kickstarter campaign for the Hummingbird, the lightest folding carbon fiber bike in the world.

Weighing 6.5 kg, 3 kg lighter than its closest competitor, the Hummingbird is perfect for short commutes as well as longer journeys, as it can be stored comfortably in a car or on a plane.

Designed by 23-year-old Hummingbird Co-Founder, Peter Craciun, a product designer and bike fanatic, the Hummingbird is an innovative cycling solution for the modern commuter. “I tried to buy a lightweight folding bike, but couldn’t find one on the market. Then I came up with the idea for the Hummingbird and built it myself,” says Peter. 

The most important feature of the Hummingbird is the innovation behind the design. While other folding bikes suffer from the chain loosening when the bike is being folded, the Hummingbird’s unique patented folding system solves this problem.

The Hummingbird’s stylish frame is made of carbon fiber, which is three times lighter than alloy. A popular performance-bike material, carbon fibre is also highly efficient at absorbing vibrations, making for a much smoother ride.


The Hummingbird bike is a design object as much as it is as a functional one, putting thought into mechanics but also beauty. Robert Campbell, Founder of and Co-Founder of the Hummingbird Bike Company says, “The moment I saw the Hummingbird I realised I was looking at perfect form and function and I immediately wanted to be part of its future. It was an obvious investment.”

The bike is manufactured and assembled in Great Britain to the highest standard. Entirely British-made, it is created using a range of leading technologies, including rapid prototyping 3D printers and CAM machines used by the automotive industry. The Hummingbird will be quality tested under the ISO 4210 test, which will ensure that it’s safe to ride on all roads. The bike will also be available in two versions: with 16" wheels or 20" wheels, in four colours - yellow, red, black and raw carbon fibre.

Piero Frescobaldi, Chairman and Co-Founder of UNIT9 and the Hummingbird Bike Company adds, “At UNIT9 we are in the business of innovation. The Hummingbird bike’s key qualities of lightness and design can transform the industry and bring the commuter bike into the mainstream market.  We are very excited to support its launch and future success.”

The Hummingbird is now available on Kickstarter at discounted costs starting at £1100 (around $1,700 U.S.) To find out more information about the Kickstarter campaign or to buy a Hummingbird for yourself click here.

Velosock - The Worlds's First Indoor Bike Cover

One of the coolest looking bike storage accessories ever, just dropped on Kickstarter by the startup Velosock and you have to check them out!

Velosock is the creator of the World’s First Designed Indoor Bicycle Cover, a brilliant solution for cyclists who keep their bicycle in the house. Velosock proves that you can store your bike inside your home or transport it by car, and still keep your surroundings neat and tidy. 

Velosock bicycle covers slip over the bike, preventing sand, mud and other debris from being brought into a room, keeping your space clean and neat. Velosock bicycle covers are made of a machine washable, durable stretch polyester Spandex material and are available in a range of designs and colors and come in adult and kid sizes. 

Be sure to head over to their Kickstarter page to secure your bike cover!

The Bike Hanger by KP Cykler

One of the greatest things about cycling today is how bike accessories are becoming consistently innovative and stylish.

Enter the Bike Hanger by the good folks at KP Cykler. 

KP Cykler has created a very stylish and functional hanger for your bike that won't break the bank at $85 dollars per hanger. The Bike Hanger is inspired by antlers and consists of a wooden shield, race handlebars, and uses recycled cork.

As the cycling community continues to grow, the need for the Bike Hanger is essential for both homes and offices for easy storage. Rather than locking up your bike outside your apartment or leaving it on street outside your office, grab one of these bad boys and hang your bike up inside. 

KP Cykler recently wrapped up their Kickstarter campaign but you can still support them by heading over to their website and following the Bike Hanger's progress which has already started production. Be sure to grab the one as soon as possible!

KP Sling Bag by Keep Pursuing

image via: Keep Pursuing

image via: Keep Pursuing

Our good friends at Keep Pursuing just launched a Kickstarter campaign for one of the coolest bags out there and they need your support!

With the launch of the Sling Bag, Keep Pursuing is ushering in what they call, "The Everyday Adventure Bag" that is built to carry modern day tech-essentials and keep up with an active lifestyle. With this idea in mind, the Sling Bag is a sleek and comfortable bag that is perfect for all kinds of daily activities. Here at CyclerStyle, we definitely think it is a perfect bag for bike riders everywhere. 

image via: Keep Pursuing

image via: Keep Pursuing

Often times riders have different preferences when it comes to carrying their belongings while riding trails or cruising city streets. Everyday backpacks are not meant for long rides and saddle bags can weigh you down depending on the make and model. The team at Keep Pursuing has kept this in mind and applied it to the Sling. As their founders state, "we wanted to make a bag that was so comfortable it could be worn all day, something that had great functionality but also minimal weight and impact. We created the KP Sling Bag to be extremely form fitting, so much so you might even forget you’re wearing it."

image via: Keep Pursuing

image via: Keep Pursuing

The Sling definitely looks like it could be the perfect companion pack for your next ride. It can hold your cell phone, keys, wallet, U-Lock, bike lights, and much more. 

image via: Keep Pursuing

image via: Keep Pursuing

Their Kickstarter campaign is live and needs your support. Check out the awesome video below to get an idea of the various ways you can use the Sling and be sure to back them!  

video courtesy of Ben F. Meredith