In The Market For Some Bike-Inspired Art?

100Copies Has You Covered

If you're looking to decorate your home or office and give it that cycling-inspired feel, look no further than Thomas Yang's 100Copies.

Yang is a Singapore born Creative Director, who created 100Copies to bridge the gap between two of his loves: art and bicycles.  

100Copies offers all kinds of bicycle-inspired prints ranging from a tire-made Empire State Building to a wheel frame resembling a Japanese flag. 

The unique thing about 100Copies is that the name of the site means exactly what it sounds like. Yang only creates 100 copies of each print and after all 100 have sold, there are no more left. Some of his designs are made into other products such as shirts and tote bags but those sell out quickly as well.

To purchase some of the most unique and creative bike art on the market, be sure to check out 100Copies and grab a limited edition print, shirt, or tote before they're all gone.