Storing Your Bike Never Looked So Good

Storing your bike at home in the city can be extremely tough, especially when your apartment might be the size of a closet. If you’re lucky, some apartments offer bike storage in the building where riders can lock them up in a safely secured room. Or chances are you’re going to have to lock it up outside and pray that it doesn’t get stolen. 

If the idea of leaving your bike anywhere other than your apartment scares you, then we recommend you invest in a Cycloc Bicycle Wall Mount. And if you have the (wall) space, Cycloc offers a couple unique wall mounts for bike storage that are both practical and eco-friendly. 

Cycloc products are made with one hundred percent recycled plastic and come in a variety of colors. Their Solo wall mount not only holds the bike but also offers a place to store accessories such as gloves, keys, lights, and locks.

Check out the gallery below of other products Cycloc has to offer and we’re sure you’ll love them just as much as we do.