Priority Bicycles

"Life's too short to ride a bad bicycle," says Dave Weiner, founder of Priority Bikes based in NYC. 

Weiner recently launched a KickStarter campaign to help generate backing for manufacturing his new Priority bicycle line. Since the campaign launched last week, Priority has already managed to surpass its thirty-thousand dollar goal and it doesn't look like the donations are slowing down.

Weiner started Priority Bicycles because he was, "frustrated with bicycles on the market," and "wanted to change the game for the recreational cyclist," and by the looks of it he is well on his way to changing the game.  

Each Priority Bicycle starts at $399 including shipping and the specs on the bikes are amazing. All bikes are made using a rust-free aluminum frame, puncture resistant tires, a greaseless belt drive, internal hub foot brakes and a maintenance-free three-speed internal hub with grip shifter.

If you pledge $349 or more to the KickStarter campaign, you'll receive a limited edition, first run Priority Bicycle pictured below. 

Check out the video below for more info on this awesome new cycling brand and be sure to pledge if you can. Hopefully we'll start to see a ton of Priority bicycles cruising the streets of NYC in the months to come.