Bike Navigation By Hammerhead

If you have ever ridden in a large city like LA or NYC or anywhere for that matter, there's a strong chance that you have had to look at a digital or paper map of some kind to navigate where you're going. While some might prefer to mount their phone and map out a location to ride to, others might feel just as comfortable remembering one-way streets and bike lanes to get from point A to point B in the big city. 

To help make cycling navigation much easier, Hammerhead Navigation has come up with one of the coolest products ever created for cyclists. They have designed a device called the Hammerhead One that mounts to any bike and shows you where to go via LED lights that signal left, right, and in some cases it will even signal a U-turn.

The all-weather proof Hammerhead One device pairs with their custom app (available on iPhone or Android) which allows riders to pre-select bike routes new and old. It even suggests crowd sourced-paths (via Strava and MapMyRide) and can direct you to the nearest Citi Bike station if needed. The app will also give you weather patterns, elevations, and design a route based on what you're looking for. Once you have decided on a route, this info is sent to the Hammerhead One and all you have to do is follow the light signals and eventually arrive at your desired location.

The Hammerhead One is available for pre-orders right now and will begin shipping Fall 2014.