10 Essentials For Summer Riding

We're a little over half way through the summer now and odds are you've been on more than a few rides through the city, suburbs, beaches, or maybe even a couple of state parks. 

If you're someone who is always packed and ready for a ride then you understand that grabbing the right essentials for a day-long bike trip is key to a having a great day. These essentials can vary from person to person depending on preference but here at CyclerStyle, we've decided to share our top ten essentials for riding this summer. Some of these might seem fairly obvious, but don't let that deter you from checking out our 10 Essentials For Summer Riding.

1. Water, Water, and more Water: 

Nothing is worse than being dehydrated on a ride because you forgot to bring enough water (take it from someone who rode thirty plus miles and only brought one bottle). Adding that extra bottle cage to your bike if you don't already have it is a must for summer riding. Fatigue and heat cause the body to dehydrate fast so having multiple bottles of water is definitely essential to ensuring a great day out on the bike path.

2. Energy Bars:

Anything from a Cliff Bar to something more serious like a PowerBar Gel (or any other gel) will result in something that your body can use while riding. Even if it's a couple miles uptown, energy bars can make all the difference in how you get there. 

3. Coffee-Cup Holder

No start to the day is complete without a cup of Joe. After you've paid the trendy barista from the corner coffee house your $5 bucks, pop that iced coffee into this awesome holder and get going. 

4. Shorts:

Yes it's summer and of course you're going to wear shorts but if you're not into the skin-tight look that most serious riders go with, a good in-between pair of shorts are Uniqlo's Twill Shorts. Yes, I'm being dead serious when I say that a pair of Uniqlo's Twill Shorts are a perfectly affordable and comfortable substitute for professional biking shorts. Pick up a pair and ride for a mile or two and you'll know what I'm talking about.

5. Tank Top/Bib:

This is a no-brainer but we still think it's key. If you're on a budget, then going with a traditional tank is the easiest solve for riding in the heat. A cycling bib will run you at least one hundred dollars or more but the advantage to owning a bib is padding, ventilation, and sweat-wicking technology to name a few. 

6. Beer Transportation Device:

A bike accessory made exclusively for transporting beer?...enough said. (Please do not drink and ride!)

7. Bottle Opener

A bike accessory made for opening beers that you previously transported from point A to B?...enough said. (Again, please do not drink and ride!)

8. Phone Mounting Kit

Until the Hammerhead navigation device drops this Fall, we're left with having to mount our phones to our bikes to help get us from point A to B. This kit will help you get from your Manhattan or Downtown LA loft to the beach in no time via your phone's GPS system. This can be clutch when heading to that bon fire with friends on a beach you've never been to.

9. Portable Music

Listening to music while riding can be one of the best things about summer cruising. Although some states outlaw the use of headphones while riding, a perfect substitute is a portable speaker system that mounts to your bike. These are especially great for group rides where you can impress your friends with the summer playlist you made the night before. 

10. Multi-Tool & Flat Repair Kits

The last thing you want to deal with on a warm summer day is a flat or any other type of mechanical problem you might run into during a ride. Having a fix-a-flat kit (you'll need a pump) and a multi-tool are essential to making those quick fixes that might need to be dealt with. Hopefully the issue is one that can quickly be fixed so you can get back on the road and enjoy the summer.