Simple Sam USA - Just go. Be free.

We recently connected with the great team at Simple Sam USA and were blown away by their passion for cycling and for helping those in need. Not only do they live by the motto of, “simplicity, style, speed… while changing lives,” Simple Sam USA is dedicated to getting people all around the world mobilized. 

Simple Sam USA “cares more about people than profit,” which is why for every four bikes they sell in the U.S. they give one purpose built bike away through World Bicycle Relief to people in Africa.

Their fixed gear or single-speed bicycles (flip-flop hubs come standard) are designed in South Africa and are built for simplicity, style, speed. Their frame’s geometry is designed with one thing in mind, getting back to basics.

Simple Sam USA just launched their own Kickstarter campaign to help get more bikes into production so they can mobilize the world.

Head over to their Kickstarter be sure to back them because this is an incredible cause!