Shinola Bikes

Lets face it, if you're an avid cyclist chances are you have more than one bike at home.

Perhaps you have your city and/or mountain bike, your long distance bike, your throw away don't-care-if-it-gets-stolen bike, and last but not least you have your prize bike.

Now your prize bike could be any of the ones listed above but no matter what, there's always that one bike that you absolutely love above the rest.

Detroit's very own Shinola sets out to make bikes that stand above the rest and trust us if you owned one, you'd know why. 

Shinola has been designing best in class bikes for years and one of the most unique things about them is they are, "built in the USA and assembled in their Detroit flagship store." And while Shinola makes a variety of other American-made goods, we feel like their bicycles are hands down their best work. Just take a look at their spec sheets or visit one of their eight stores (that carry bicycles) in person to see for yourself. 

Check out their selection of bikes in the gallery below and be sure to visit them in their Tribeca or new Silver Lake flagship locations if you live in NY or LA.