The Bike Hanger by KP Cykler

One of the greatest things about cycling today is how bike accessories are becoming consistently innovative and stylish.

Enter the Bike Hanger by the good folks at KP Cykler. 

KP Cykler has created a very stylish and functional hanger for your bike that won't break the bank at $85 dollars per hanger. The Bike Hanger is inspired by antlers and consists of a wooden shield, race handlebars, and uses recycled cork.

As the cycling community continues to grow, the need for the Bike Hanger is essential for both homes and offices for easy storage. Rather than locking up your bike outside your apartment or leaving it on street outside your office, grab one of these bad boys and hang your bike up inside. 

KP Cykler recently wrapped up their Kickstarter campaign but you can still support them by heading over to their website and following the Bike Hanger's progress which has already started production. Be sure to grab the one as soon as possible!