The Perfect Urban Bike by KP Cykler

From the good dudes who brought you the The Bike Hanger, comes the all new Perfect Urban Bike by KP Cykler!

The Denmark based company is back and bringing it with their new Urban Bike and they promise to deliver a product that is low maintenance, innovative, and made from the best materials. Or as they put it, "over the past 2 years, we've designed The Perfect Urban Bike. Here it is - great to look at, fast, low-maintenance and personal."

In a time where bikes can be mass produced and readily accessible, it's nice to see a smaller company care about uniqueness and quality like the guys at KP Cykler. 

A couple features of the Urban Bike include:

  • Puncture resistant tape to avoid flats
  • Innovative gears that only require the rider to kick back on the pedals to change gears (no cables, no maintenance)
  • Slim tires make this bike very fast & their Porteur bars are perfect for the best balance between comfort and speed

Check out the Perfect Urban Bike's recently launched Kickstarter campaign and be sure to back the good people at KP Cykler!