Linus Bikes

"Inspired by French bicycle design of the 50s and 60s," Linus Bikes aims to fit its customers with bikes that are simple, comfortable, and stylish. I think you'd be hard-pressed to find someone in the cycling community unfamiliar with Linus and their products. 

The best thing about Linus' Instagram account is the same simplicity and style they apply to their bike designs, is also evident when you look at the imagery they post. Give them a follow and you won't be sorry!

Father Tu

We'll just start this week's Friday Follow Feature by stating that if you're not already following Father_Tu on Instagram, then you should probably stop reading right now and hit that follow button. 

Father Tu has one of the most impressive catalogs of fixed gear photos going. You can check out some of his shots below or head over to Flickr to see his in depth gallery. But of course, be sure to follow him on Instagram to get a daily dose of his amazing work. 

Bern Unlimited

Hands down, one of the best cycling helmet brands in the world, Bern Unlimited aims to give riders (not just cycling) quality helmets that last, protect your noggin, and make you look like a badass while wearing them. 

The Massachusetts-based company can be considered by some as the standard helmet for all "non-motorized action sports" such as wake boarding, snowboarding, skating, and of course cycling. 

Not only does Bern have some great cycling products but they are also a major player in some great causes that help the action sports community. Bern is a proud supporter of the New York Bike Messenger, and Grind For Life to name a few. 

Check out some of our favorite cycling photos that Bern's Instagram account has to offer and of course, give them a follow. 

State Bicycle Co.

We recently started following State Bicycle Co. on Instagram and we can't get enough of their images. 

State Bicycle Co. is based in Tempe, Arizona and has some of the best fixed gear/single speed bikes around. Their goal is to "bring the most attractive, high quality and smooth riding fixed gear bicycles to the market at the lowest price possible."

We definitely recommend you give them a follow and be sure to check out their line up of fixies on their site. This writer has his eye on The Ranger

Chrome Industries - Fourth of July Follow Feature

Happy Fourth of July from CyclerStyle!

Today's Friday Follow Feature is focused on one of the most patriotic cycling companies in the USA, Chrome Industries

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, Chrome Industries is one of the most well known and trusted cycling brands in the world.

Their original and custom designed messenger bags (which are guaranteed for life) are some of the best in the market. With stores in SF Soma and Mission, NYC, Chicago, Portland, and most recently opening in Seattle, Chrome is expanding fast. 

Chrome has one of the best Instagram accounts going so be sure to check out some of their photos below and as always, give them a follow.